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Translations in Cyprus

Certified Translations in Cyprus, PIO Translations in Cyprus, Notary translations in Cyprus, Legal Translations in Cyprus

Certified Translations in Cyprus


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MultiGlossa is a translations agency based in Nicosia with a main target to provide multilingual strategy to Cyprus and the European Union.  

Lowest rate in Cyprus from 14 EUR per 250 words, which includes localization and proofreading by relevant professionals.

PIO in Cyprus, Apostille in Cyprus, Chinese Translations in CyprusWhy Choose MultiGlossa Translations Bureau? 

With over 800 clients in Cyprus MultiGlossa's expertise is local and yet global since we work with over 50 languages, most of which are combined with Greek.

All our translators and interpreters are native professionals who use all efforts to satisfy the most complicated linguistic needs.

MultiGlossa assists in building modern business strategies.

Most common requests are:
  • Chinese Translations in Cyprus,
  • Russian Translations in Cyprus, 
  • Hebrew Translations in Cyprus, 
  • Hindi Translations in Cyprus
  • Arabic Translations in Cyprus, 
  • German Translations in Cyprus,
  • Turkish Translations in Cyprus,
  • French Translations in Cyprus
  • 50 other languages with which we work on daily bases.

We are experts in Certified translations and we hold the keys of the “know how” in Cyprus and in the world..
Our agency can certify your documents at all governmental establishments in Cyprus, in Malta, in Russia and many other countries.
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We can assist you with:
1. Certified Legal Translations in Cyprus
  • PIO Translations in Cyprus, we translate - PIO certifies.
  • Sworn Translations  through Affidavit at the District Court of Nicosia.
  • Notary certification - Public Notary certifies that the translation is done by a native translator.
2. Legalization of Translations:
  • Legalization through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Legalization through an Embassy
  • Legalization through Ministry of Justice (Apostille in Cyprus)
3.    Web translation: we undertake web translations of all complexity.

Our Advantages:
1.    Delivery of original documents FREE of charge
2.    Localization of websites through translation FREE of charge
3.    Formatting through translation FREE of Charge
4.    Double proofreading of translations FREE of charge.All services are designed to develop a multilingual strategy to achieve better results in client management.

MultiGlossa is your source for successful multilingual business

Chinese Translations in Cyprus

With the growing interest of people of China towards the beautiful island of Cyprus, MultiGlossa developed a strategic approach to Chinese Translations in Cyprus.

We are the fastest and cheapest Chinese Translators in Cyprus who can help you to translate your documents, Bank Account Statements, Brochures, websites, business cards and much more.
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We can help you with certified Chinese Translations for Immigration reasons, for individual needs, for business development projects.

MultiGlossa can Translate and Certify your Chinese documents at the following governmental establishments:
  • District Court of Nicosia
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • Embassy of China in Cyprus

We are the most reliable Translations Agency in Cyprus that is trusted by more than 800 companies only in 2013. We are selected by Lawyers, Developers, Accountants, Governmental Establishments, Universities, Tourist Agencies and many other organizations throughout Cyprus.

Russian Translations in Cyprus

At times like this when Cyprus and Russia are at their highest peak of relationship you need a trustable expert to provide you assistance in Russian Language Translations.

MultiGlossa Translations Bureau is the leader outsourcer of Russian Translations in Cyprus: we assist more than 25 companies per week in approaching clients not only from Russia but from all CIS countries.

Russian language is spoken in at least 15 countries and by more than 300 million people. Russian is an unofficial official language in Cyprus, it is the most demanded business language after English. 

As tourism in Cyprus greatly depends on Russians with yearly approximate number of 400.000 tourists, it certainly needs professional touch by an agency such as ours.

MultiGlossa's experts can undertake translations of more than 50.000 words daily, all by our highly professional linguists.

MultiGlossa Translations Bureau can assist you with the following services:

  • Certified Russian Translations in Cyprus

  • Legal Russian Translations in Cyprus

  • Web translations in Russian Language

  •  Medical translations in Cyprus

  • Oil and Gas translations in Cyprus

We can certify your Russian Translation at:

  • PIO (press and information office)

  • District Court of Nicosia

  • Notary Public in Cyprus

  • Affidavit in Cyprus  

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus   

    Contact MultiGlossa today for more information on your Russian Translations. 

    Certified Translations in Cyprus

    Cyprus has a very well developed system for certified translations.

    PIO Translations in Cyprus, Fast PIO Translations in Cyprus, where is PIO Translations in Cyprus, Press and Information Office PIO Translations in Cyprus, Official PIO Translations in Cyprus, Certified PIO Translations in CyprusPIO - Press and Information office of Cyprus is considered to be the official office for certified translations. MultiGlossa can help you to certify your translation through the PIO at the fastest rate you can imagine. Certified translations through the PIO is MultiGlossa's major sphere of legalization.

    DISTRICT COURTS OF CYPRUS. Translations can be certified and legalized at District Courts in Cyprus through an affidavit as sworn Translations. This kind of Certified Translations have international recognition in all countries. MultiGlossa can certify all translations and languages at District Court of Nicosia same day.

    Notary Officer in Cyprus, Notary Public in Cyprus, certified translations in Cyprus, Russian Translations in Cyprus, Chinese translations in Cyprus, Translation agency in Cyprus, PIO in Cyprus, PIO Translations in CyprusNONTARY PUBLIC. Translations through our professional lingusits can be certified at the Notary Public Officer upon your request. Such certification is needed for international or local purposes. MultiGlossa can assist you with certified translations at Notary Public.

    MINISTRY OF JUSTICE OF CYPRUS. Apostille certificate is the key to legalize your document for foreign use. It is a requirment  by more than 150 countries. Multiglossa can legalize your certified translation at  MINISTRY OF JUSTICE and obtain an Apostille for you within 15 minutes. FREE DELIVERY TO LARNACA, LIMASSOL, PAPHOS, FAMAGUSTA and NICOSIA.

    MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF CYPRUS. If you need to certify a document at an embassy of a foreign country in Cyprus the first step is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MultiGlossa can assist your with certified translations through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus within 15 minutes.

    EMBASSIES IN CYPRUS. If you are looking for assistance in certified translations through any embassy in Cyprus, Multiglossa is in Nicosia for that reason. We  can certify translations or other documents at the Embassy of China in Cyprus, Embassy of Russia in Cyprus , Embassy of Qatar in Cyprus, Embassy of Ukraine  in Cyprus and all other Embassies.
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     Contact us today to find out more abour our Certified Translations.








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